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April 2014 Lincoln, NE, Climate Summary

Headline:  April 2014 was warmer than normal and wetter than normal for Lincoln, NE.

The highest temperature observed in Lincoln, NE in April 2014 was a near record high of 85F on April 12 (the record for that day is 86F).  Just three days later, on April 15, the temperature fell to the coldest temperature of the month 19F which was also a record low for the date.  This is also the latest in the Spring to have a temperature this cold with temperature data extending from 1887-2014, 128 years.

April 2014 averaged 1.1 degrees F ABOVE normal ended the 6 month string (October 2013-March 2014) of monthly temperatures averaging below normal.

The April 2014 precipitation total in Lincoln, NE was 3.50 inches, or 0.79 inches ABOVE normal.

The April 2014 precipitation of 3.50 inches was also more than the first three months combined (Jan. 0.24in + Feb 0.62in +Mar 0.13 in = 0.99 inches).  

The Year to date January 1 - April 30, 2014 precipitation total of 4.49 inches is 1.56 inches below the normal for this time period of 6.05 inches.

Lincoln saw one minor snowfall of 0.5 inches on April 13, 2014.  How unusual was this?  During the past 115 years, there has been measurable snowfall during April in Lincoln 54 times and no measurable snowfall 61 times.  So although perhaps unwelcome, the April 15 snowfall wasn't all that unusual.  The seasonal snowfall total as of the end of April is only 18.2 inches which is well BELOW the normal of 25.9 inches.
The following graph shows the Lincoln, NE, April 2014 daily high and low temperatures compared to normal daily highs and lows. The red line is the average high and the blue line is the average low.  The top of each vertical bar is the observed high temperature and the bottom of the vertical bar is the observed low temperature for each day.

  NOTE:  The April 2014statistics are located below the graph.

Here are the Lincoln, NE, summary statistics for April 2014.
April 2014 Temperature Statistics:
Average High Temperature 66.2 F (1.9 degrees
ABOVE Normal)
Average Low Temperature 39.3F (0.5 degrees
ABOVE Normal)
Mean Temperature 52.7 F (1.1 degrees
ABOVE  Normal)
Note: Mean temperature = the average of all the highs and lows
Number of Days ABOVE Normal = 16
Number of Days BELOW Normal = 12
Number  of Days exactly Normal = 2
Highest temperature 85F on April 12

Lowest temperature 19 F on April 15
Record cold daytime 19F on April 15
April 2014 Precipitation Statistics:
Total precipitation 3.50 inches (0.79 inches
ABOVE Normal)
Heaviest precipitation 1.14 inches on April 13

Snowfall total 0.5 inches (0.9 inches  BELOW  Normal)

Normal January 1 - April 30 precipitation =  6.05 inches
Total precipitation January 1 - April 30, 2014 = 4.49 inches
January 1 - April 30, 2014 precipitation deficit =  1.56 inches 

The following photo is a Lincoln, NE, garden Center the morning of April 14.
A Lincoln garden center with tender plants exposed to the snow and subfreezing temperatures.    

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