Wednesday, November 6, 2013

November 5, 2013 Winter Storm: heavy rain and snow in Nebraska

An early Winter Storm moved across the Heartland on Tuesday November 5, 2013 bringing heavy rain to eastern Nebraska and snow to central and northeastern Nebraska.

A record day in Lincoln and Omaha:  The November 5, 2013 rainfall in Lincoln, 1.20 inches broke the record for that day of the year, 0.70 inches, which was set in 1948. The Omaha rainfall total of 1.00 inches also broke their previous record of 0.99 inches also set in 1948.

The following map shows the radar estimated 24-hour precipitation total with a large area in southeast Nebraska with over 1 inch of rain.

The next map shows the actual measured precipitation amounts for the same 24-hour period and was produced by our local Omaha/Valley, NE, NWS office.

The following animated radar map shows the precipitation moving across our region on
November 5, 2013.  Note that the green is rain and the blue is snowfall.

The heavy rains in Lincoln were responsible for knocking many of the autumn leaves off the trees .  As the following photos from the afternoon of November 5, 2013 show, the ground was covered with many colorful leaves that were forced straight down and off the tree branches.

Finally, while southeastern Nebraska saw only rain, a swath of snowfall extended from SW Nebraska up through northeastern Nebraska and on up to Minnesota. Local snowfall amounts of 9+ inches were observed near Gordon, NE. The following satellite image clearly shows the swath of snow on the ground as of today, Wednesday, November 6, 2013 (note the blue lines that were added to show the snow on the ground.  Clouds cover SE Nebraska. Thank You  NWS Sioux falls for posting this image.

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