Thursday, October 3, 2013

Year to Date Climate Summary Maps

The following four maps show the year to date (as of September 30, 2013) precipitation departures from normal for the conterminous U.S. and the High Plains Region as well as the temperature departures from normal for the U.S. and High Plains Region.

It is a nation of contrasts with California receiving less than 50% of normal precipitation so far this year, yet portions of Montana and North Dakota as well as the Southeastern states receiving over 150% of normal precipitation.  Most of Nebraska has had below normal precipitation for the year to date with just a few small pockets of above normal precipitation.

It is also a nation of contrasts for the temperature departures from normal for the period January 1-September 30, 2013.   An area to the west of a line from Montana to Texas has generally been above normal for temperatures for this year (along with New England) and the area to the east of that line has generally been below normal in temperatures this year.  A closer look at just the High Plains region reveals that the eastern portion of the area, including most of Nebraska, has been experiencing a cooler than normal year so far with much of the western portion of the region experiencing above normal temperatures..


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