Friday, October 4, 2013

Nebraska tornadoes in October?

A tornado occurred just south of Lincoln, NE during the evening of October 3, 2013.

The radar images and a photo of this tornado are located below. 

But first, this occurrence of an October tornado in Nebraska raises some interesting questions.

Have there been other Nebraska tornadoes observed during the month of October?  And,if there have been Nebraska October tornadoes, how unusual was this occurrence on October 3, 2013??

We are currently building an extreme weather web site in our Applied Climate science program and a table has been created for the observed monthly and annual totals.

LINK: 1950-2012 Nebraska Tornadoes

Here are the tornado totals for the 1950 through 2012 time period. 
The 2013 data will be added to this table next Spring.

Nebraska Tornadoes
 1950-2012 Total       Most (year)
January     6             6 (1992)
February    2             2 (2012)              

March      64            16 (2007)
April     243            17 (1986,1999)
May       739            76 (2004)
June      918            48 (1999)
July      360            25 (1958)
August    167            13 (2011)
September  57             7 (1985)
October    75            18 (2000)
November    3             1 (1956, 2003)
December    2             2 (1975)
Total All 2636

Yes, Tornadoes have occurred in the past during October in Nebraska with 75 tornadoes observed from 1950 through 2012.  It is interesting to note that there have been more observed October tornadoes (75) than September tornadoes (57) in Nebraska.

Although we have had tornadoes observed in October during the past 63 years, they are in fact rare with only 3% of all observed tornadoes occurring during October.  In contrast, June, the month with the most  observed tornadoes, has seen 38% of all of the observed tornadoes in Nebraska.

The last time we had a tornado in October in Nebraska was in October 2001 with 11 tornadoes and the year before, October 2000 saw 18 tornadoes in Nebraska!

A long tracking tornado in Nebraska October 3, 2013.
Mark Farnik shares a photo of this tornado that had been on the ground for an hour.
The tornado was located near Bennett, Nebraska, southeast of Lincoln, NE.

A classic hook echo, basically over Hallam, NE,  appears in this radar image
from the evening of October 3, 2013. 

Storm Tracker 5 radar also shows the hook echo near Hallam, NE. 
The red box shows the tornado warning in effect at the time of this radar image.
Here is an impressive lighting photo taken by Jeremy Bower of LINK: JRB Storm Photography, as
the storm passed through South Lincoln, NE, last evening.

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