Wednesday, October 16, 2013

First Autumn Freeze Climatology

First Autumn Freeze Climatology.

The Midwest Regional Climate Center has created a very useful map which shows the median date of the first 32F or colder temperature in the Midwest and High Plains region. The map is based upon the standard 30-year period of 1981-2010.

For us in Lincoln, Nebraska our median first freeze takes place during October 1-10.  The dates are earlier as you proceed to western and central Nebraska.  The dates are also earlier in the northern states.

The second map shows where temperatures have fallen to 32F or lower in this region as of October 16, 2013.  There is a link located below which can take you to the latest daily freeze map following October 16, 2013.

As of October 16, 2013 Lincoln and Omaha have not fallen to 32F or lower.

The following map shows where the first freeze of Fall 2013 has already occurred as of October 16, 2013.  Click HERE to see the latest map after October 16, 2013.

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