Friday, August 23, 2013

Summer Finally Arrives in Lincoln, NE

Headline: "Summer finally arrives in Lincoln, Nebraska"

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It has been a strange Summer for weather in Lincoln, NE, and much of Nebraska this year.

As of August 22, 2013:

Hottest day so far this year in Lincoln, NE, was May 14 with 100F
(two days after a record low, below freezing, at 31F on May 12).

Through August 22, 2013
Number of days 90F or higher 2013 in Lincoln, NE:
March: 0
April: 0
May:  1
June:  7
July:  13
August 1-22:  2
Year 2013 Total 23 days

Through August 22, 2012
Number of days 90F or higher 2012 in Lincoln, NE:
March: 1
April: 3
May:  7
June:  13
July:  26
August 1-22:  9
Year 2012 Total 59 days

The longest stretch of 90F or higher temperatures this year is 8 days (July 15-22, 2013).

The Outlook for the next 10 days and the next 10-14 days (see table and maps below) indicates that the longest heat wave of 2013 (days with 90F or higher temperatures) might occur from now into early September.

The 10 day Lincoln, NE, Forecast: 
90's every day from Friday August 23 through Saturday, September 1.
Chances of precipitation ZERO from Sunday August 25 through Saturday September 1.

The 8-14 day U.S. Temperature Forecast (Outlook):  Highest probability is Above normal temperatures August 30 through September 5 for Lincoln, NE, all of Nebraska, and all of the western U.S.

The 8-14 day U.S. Precipitation Forecast (Outlook):  Highest probability is below normal precipitation August 30 through September 5 for Lincoln, NE, almost all of Nebraska, and down into the southern Plains.

 , all of Nebraska and

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