Friday, August 30, 2013

Husker's hottest football games

Headline:  Husker's Hottest Season Openers.

No, I am not talking about the scores, but instead about the hot temperatures.

My colleague Tony DeGrand, meteorologist at KOLN/KGIN TV in Lincoln, NE did some research on recent season openers at Memorial Stadium to find out what were the top ten hottest game day temperatures.  He sent his results to me and I double checked his data, using the data archives here in the High Plains Regional Climate Center.  His results were spot on 100% accurate.

Here is what he found
Top 11 hottest home game temperatures in the last 28 years at Memorial Stadium

September 2, 2000.  San Jose.  Nebraska won, 49-13  106F
September 7, 1985. Florida State.  Nebraska lost 13-17. 96F
September 1, 2012. So. Mississippi.  Nebraska won 49-20.  95F
September 7, 2002. Utah State.  Nebraska won 44-13. 94F*
September 10, 2005. Wake Forest.  Nebraska won31-3. 92F*
September 26, 1998. Washington.  Nebraska won 55-7.  92F
August 30, 2008. Western Michigan.  Nebraska won 47-27. 91F*
September 3, 2005. Maine.  Nebraska won 25-7. 91F*
September 4, 2004 Western Illinois. Nebraska won 56-17. 91F*
August 29, 1998. Louisiana Tech.  Nebraska won 56-17. 91F
August 30, 1997. Akron. Nebraska won 59-14. 90F
* indicates game was played at night
The NWS forecast high for this year's season opener, August 31, 2013 is a daytime high of 96F.  If it hits 96F,this would be the 2nd hottest season opener in the last 20 years.
Thankfully, it will an evening game, but temperatures will still be very hot and uncomfortable as fans arrive at the stadium and probably still be quite warm in the mid 80's by the end of the game.

A view of the new East Stadium addition at Memorial Stadium.  Photo by Ken Dewey


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