Sunday, July 14, 2013

Weather Moving in an Unusual Direction

Normally the weather moves from west to east across our latitudinal region.

But not today.

On July 14, 2013, an unusual weather phenomenon was occurring, i.e. the weather was approaching Nebraska from the EAST.  Note the 3 hour satellite image loop (from Sunday morning July 14, 2013) AND the 12-hour satellite image loop below and you will see that the clouds are in fact moving east out of Iowa and toward the WEST through eastern Nebraska.    Residents of Lincoln, NE, who are used to looking west to watch the sky clear of clouds today must look east as the clouds "retreat" and move against the normal flow as they head westward across the state

The attached radar image shows that the precipitation cells are also moving east to west (note the arrows) across Nebraska.

The last image from the NWS in Norman, OK, shows the Friday July 12 through Tuesday July 16, 2013 forecast weather pattern with the "retrograding" weather pattern.  A large low pressure cell is shown moving west across the U.S. from Ohio to Colorado/New Mexico.

The one "silver lining" in this cloud movement is it will bring very needed rainfall to a region of the u.S. that has been impacted by a multi-year severe drought.

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