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May 2013, Lincoln, NE, Climate Summary

May 2013 Lincoln, NE, Climate Summary

 May 2013 was the 7th wettest May on record for Lincoln, NE,  with 127 years of data (1887-2013).  Temperatures in May were slightly below normal and there were three record events.

Lincoln Top Ten Wettest Mays
Precipitation in inches 
Wettest      Amount    Rank
1903          10.72      1
2001          10.16      2
1896          10.11      3
1996          10.09      4
1892           9.55      5
1959           8.91      6
2013           8.44      7 
2007           8.13      8
1984           7.97      9
1951           6.71     10
Here are the summary statistics for May 2013 with a graph below the statistics.

May 2013 Temperature Statistics
Average High Temperature 72.7 F (1.5 degrees BELOW Normal)
Average Low Temperature 50.2 F (0.3 degrees BELOW Normal)
Mean Temperature 61.5 F (0.8 degrees BELOW Normal)
Note: Mean temperature = the average of all the highs and lows
Number of days ABOVE Normal = 15
Number of Days BELOW Normal = 14
Number of Days exactly Normal = 2
Highest temperature 100 F on May 14 (new record high for the date)
Lowest temperature 31 F on May 12 (a new record low for the date)

May 2013 Precipitation Statistics
Total all precipitation 8.44 inches (4.15 inches ABOVE Normal)
Note:  All precipitation = rain plus melted snow water equivalent
Total Snowfall 2.7 inches (Normal is zero, i.e. no snow in May)
Heaviest precipitation 3.32 inches on May 27 (a new record for the date)

VERY RARE May 2013 Snowfall
A total  of 2.7 inches of snow was officially recorded in Lincoln, NE on May 1-2, 2013.

This was the first measured snowfall in Lincoln since 1967.
LINK:  >>>MAY 2013 Snowfall Story Report

These are the only May snowfalls of record in Lincoln:
May 3, 1907: 2.2 inches
May 3-4, 1967: 3.0 inches
May 1-2, 2013: 2.7 inches

LINK>>> May 2013 Lincoln Data Page

LINK>>> May 2013 Photo Gallery

The following graph shows the Lincoln, NE, May 2013 daily high and low temperatures compared to normal daily highs and lows.  NOTE:  Two maps are located below the graph.

The RED line is the normal high and the BLUE line is the normal low.
The top of each vertical bar is the high for the day and the bottom of each vertical bar is the low for the day. 

All data in this graph are from the National Weather Service and HPRCC data archives.

The next two maps show the precipitation departure ffrom normal and temperature departure from normal for the month of May 2013 for the High Plains Regions so that the May 2013 climate of Lincoln, NE can be compared to the surrounding region.

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