Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Nebraska and EF5 (F5) Tornadoes

The tornado that occurred yesterday, May 21, 2013 in Moore, OK was rated as an EF5 (or F5 on the old Fujita scale).

Has Nebraska ever had a tornado of this magnitude?

The answer is yes, during the evening of May 5, 1964.

An F5 tornado touched down in central Nebraska with a path extending from Adams County to the NW corner of Butler County (near Hastings, NE  to Columbus, NE). 

This tornado occurred at 0030 UTC May 6, 1964.  However, UTC (Universal Time Coordinates) is 5 hours later than CDST, so the actual time in our time zone was 7:30 pm CDST, May 5, 1964.

There were 4 deaths and 50 injuries as a result of this tornado. 
The path length of this tornado was 79.7 miles.

The following map shows the location of the F5 tornado in Nebraska.

We have had three other tornadoes in Nebraska that were just under the magnitude of an F5 tornado, the F4 tornado in Omaha on May 3, 1975; the Locust Street June 3, 1980 tornado in Grand Island and the F4 Hallam tornado on May 22, 2004.  There is also the  March 1913 Omaha tornado which is unrated but has destruction rivaling what we have seen this year in Moore, OK.

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