Sunday, May 12, 2013

Lincoln, NE, Latest Spring Freezes 1887-2013

Headline:  "May 12, 2013 saw a Record Low of 31 F in Lincoln, Nebraska" 

This breaks the old breaking the record of 32 F set in 1946.
There are 127 years of data (1887-2013).

This is the 6th latest freeze in Spring for Lincoln, NE.

This record low raises the question of "What are the latest days in Spring  with
freezing temperatures in Lincoln, NE"?

Here is a listing of the days with 32F or colder starting with today, May 12, 2013.

May 12, 2013:  31 F
May 13, 1997:  27 F
May 14, 1907:  32 F
May 15, 1907:  31 F
May 16, 1940:  31 F
May 29, 1947:  32 F

LINK to all the Lincoln, NE, daily records

The following map shows the May 12, 2013 low temperatures for our region.  Lincoln, NE is not plotted on the map but Omaha, NE, is plotted.

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