Friday, April 12, 2013

Lincoln, NE, Daily Frequency of Snowfall

Lincoln, NE, Snowfall Climatology:  Daily Frequency of Snowfall

The last posting illustrated how frequently it snows in April which was prompted by the snowfall of April 10-11, 2013.

This posting looks at the daily frequency of snowfalls for the period September 15 though May 15 and for the years 1948-2013 (66 years).

The earliest measurable snowfall was on September 29, 1985 and the latest measurable snowfall was on May 3-4. 1967. 

The following graph was created to illustrate how often it has snowed in Lincoln on each calendar day from mid September through Mid May.

Here is a link to the complete data set:  Daily Snowfall Frequency, 1948 through Spring 2013

The calendar day with the highest frequency of snowfall (18 times out of 66 years) in Lincoln is calendar day January 20.  February 13 has seen snowfall 17 times  and January 26 has seen snowfall 16 times out of the past 66 years.

It is interesting to see that there are some days in the middle of winter that have had relatively very few snowfall occurrences.

 For example, December 29 has only seen snowfall 4 times since 1948 yet December 28 has seen snowfall 13 times and December 27 has seen 14 snowfalls since 1948.

January 27 with only 8 snowfall occurrences and January 28 with only 5 occurrences since 1948 also stand out as having very low snowfall frequencies.  These two calendar days are surrounded by days with 2 to 3 times more frequent snowfalls.

 There appears to be no reason for these calendar days that stick out with very relatively low snowfall frequencies.

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