Monday, April 29, 2013

Lake McConaughy, Nebraska, Drought Update

An update for Lake McConaughy in western Nebraska (Friday April 26, 2013)

April 26, 2013:  Volume = 1,093,600 acre feet (63.5% of capacity)
April 26, 2012:  Volume = 1,432,800 acre feet (82.4% of capacity)
As noted in the last posting (LINK), the water content in the snow pack of the mountains in southeastern Wyoming ranges from 66% to 102% of normal.  Lake McConaughy is fed water from the North Platte River which originates in the mountains of eastern Wyoming. Unless timely spring snowfall and rainfall return to this area which feeds water into the North Platte, it is unlike that we will see a recovery of Lake McConaughy this year.

The next graph (below) shows the inflow of water into Lake McConaughy.  The purple line is the average inflow and the blue line is the current inflow magnitude.  It is obvious on the graph that the inflow this year into Lake McConaughy has been running much below average (with the exception of early April when the inflow briefly approached the average magnitude.

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