Friday, February 1, 2013

January 2013 Lincoln, NE, Climate Summary

January 2013:   Lincoln, Nebraska Climate Summary

GRAPH:  The vertical black bars show the temperature for each day with the bottom of each bar being the minimum temperature and the top being the maximum temperature for the day.  The RED line is the normal maximum (or High) temperature and the BLUE line is the normal minimum (or Low) temperature.

January 2013 Highlights:
Highest temperature: January 26, 2013 with 58 F
Lowest temperature: January 31, 2013 with 0 F.
Precipitation total (rain and melted snow water equivalent) was 0.73 inches (0.09 inches above normal)
Average maximum temperature was 35.9 F (0.4 deg. F above normal)
Average Minimum temperature was 14.4 F (0.6 deg. F above normal)
Monthly average temperature was 25.2 F ( (0.6 deg. F above normal)
Total snowfall was 6.2 inches (0.8 inches above normal)

LINK:  Lincoln Weather and Climate Home Page

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