Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Februay 5, 2013: Two Week Weather Outlook

 We are slowly sliding out of winter toward Spring.  This week, February 4-9 looks like it will continue to be mild and dry with temperatures well above normal for the Lincoln, NE, area  However, there appears to be some changes in the making with a wetter time period starting later this weekend.  The February 11-15 time period shows a tendency for wetter than normal in Nebraska and the February 13-19 time period near normal to above normal precipitation for Nebraska. Both time periods indicate the highest odds are for cooler than normal temperatures.  The Colorado and Wyoming Rockies are at about 50% of normal snow-pack so there is a need for increased precipitation across that region if there is to be adequate water flow coming into the Platte River later this spring and summer.  At this point, it is difficult to anticipate how cold it might be, so it is impossible to know if the increased chances for precipitation means more snow or more rain for eastern Nebraska.

Precipitation and Temperature forecasts for February 11-15 (6-10 day outlook) and February 13-19 (8-14 day Outlook) are included below.

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