Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Big 10 Cities HDD (Updated 1/30)

Now that January 2013 is almost in the books, here is the promised update on total accumulated heating degree days (HDD) for all cities in the Big 10. Heating/cooling degree days are based off a base temperature of 65°F, which is simply the mean of the maximum and minimum temperature for a day. Thus, a maximum temperature of 30°F and a minimum temperature of 0°F would yield a daily average temperature of 15°F and 65-15 = 50 HDD.

There were two changes to the list with the addition of January data. Madison, WI (University of Wisconsin-Madison) passed up Lincoln, NE (University of Nebraska-Lincoln) for second place as predicted and West Lafayette, IN (Purdue) scratched ahead of Champaign, IL (University of Illinois) . Minneapolis (University of Minnesota-Twin Cities) is the winner by a safe margin (as expected) and the top 3 of the list have greatly outpaced the bottom two (Indiana University and The Ohio State University). Here are the updated standings:

Minneapolis, MN 2652
Madison, WI 2324
Lincoln, NE 2268
Iowa City, IA 2177
East Lansing, MI 2083
Ann Arbor, MI 2003
Evanston, IL 1986
State College, PA 1938
West Lafayette, IN 1931
Champaign, IL 1916
Bloomington, IN 1759
Columbus, OH 1748

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