Friday, November 30, 2012

Lake Michigan Water Level is Much Below Normal

Drought Drastically Lowers the Level of Lake Michigan

The two attached photos, from Judy Richardt, are of Lake Michigan in Door County, Wisconsin.  The photos are from the same area in June 2009 and earlier this Autumn 2012.  The view is looking off the northern tip of the Door County Peninsula toward Washington Island.  The U.S. Army Corp of Engineers reports Lake Michigan is 16" below last year's level and 29" below the long term November average since 1918.

The graph at the bottom shows the Lake Michigan monthly elevation from January 1922 through November 2012.  Note that the elevations on this graph have a unit of measurement in meters.  The red line is the long term average for the data period 1922-2012. The lowest elevation on the graph is 175.6 meters (576.1 feet) and the highest elevation is 177.5 meters (582.3 feet) for a range of 1.9 meters (6.2 feet).  The current elevation of Lake Michigan is 175.7 meters (576.4 feet) and is nearing the record lowest for the time period 1922-2012..


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