Thursday, November 15, 2012

Nebraska Drought Outlook Winter 2012-13

As of November 15, 2012, Lincoln, NE year to date precipitation is 9.66 inches below normal for the year and Omaha, NE is 8.00 inches below normal.  The seasonal Outlook issued today by the Climate Prediction Center in Washington, D.C. show no improvement, i.e. "persistence" of drought conditions out through February 28, 2013.  Climatologically, our Winter months typically average the lowest precipitation totals compared to Spring and Summer making it virtually impossible to make up this deficit before Spring 2013.   For example, the "normal" January precipitation for Lincoln, NE is only 0.64 inches yet the "normal" June precipitation for Lincoln, NE is 4.29 inches.   Click here for all of the Lincoln, NE Normals.  The "normal" total precipitation for the three months combined of December, January and February in Lincoln, NE, is only  2.36 inches (see below).

Normal Monthly Precipitation:
Lincoln December: 0.95 inches
Lincoln January: 0.64 inches
Lincoln February: 0.77 inches
Lincoln Dec.-Feb.: 2.36 inches
Lincoln Normal Wettest month = June with 4.29 inches

Normal Monthly Precipitation: 
Omaha December: 0.97 inches
Omaha January: 0.68 inches
Omaha February: 0.83 inches
Omaha Normal Wettest month = May with 4.66 inches

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