Wednesday, September 19, 2012

September 19, 2012: A Desert Day in Lincoln, NE

At 3pm today (September 19, 2012) the temperature in Lincoln, NE hit 94 F with a desert level relative humidity of only 12%.  Very dry air resulted in crystal clear blue skies this afternoon over Lincoln (Hardin Hall, home of this web site in the photo below).

This is the 72nd day this year of temperatures reaching 90F or higher in Lincoln, NE.
This total of 72 days was exceeded by only two years, 1936 with 82 days and 1934 with 79 days.

The data archive for Lincoln extends from 1887 to 2012, which is 126 years of data.

Top Ten Years with
Days 90F or Higher

1936   82 days
1934  79 days
2012  72 days
1913  71  days
1983  68 days
1937  66 days
1980  65 days
2002  65 days
1939  64 days
1988  64 days

More typical of a desert climate, there was a large range in temperature today in Lincoln with a minimum temperature of 48 F and an afternoon maximum of 94 F.  The cause of this large range of temperature today is the fact that dry air heats and cools much faster than more humid air.

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