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Lincoln, NE, Climate Summary: August 2012

Lincoln, NE, August 2012 Climate Summary

August 2012 in Lincoln was cooler than normal and 2nd driest on record.

The well below normal temperatures mid August 2012 in Lincoln, NE, helped to lower the average August temperature to 74.3 F.  After 10 months in a row of above normal temperatures, (October 2011-July 2012) the average August 2012 temperature in Lincoln was 1.0 degrees below normal. Although August 2012 averaged below normal for Lincoln, the average August 2012 high temperature was 2.6 degrees above normal.  The average August 2012 low temperature was 4.6 degrees below normal resulting in the monthly average of highs and lows being below normal for the month.

Average high temperature:
August 2012: 89.4 F
Normal: 86.8 F
Departure from Normal: +2.6 F

Average low temperature: 
August 2012: 59.2 F
Normal: 63.8 F
Departure from Normal: -4.6 F

Monthly average temperature:
August 2012: 74.3 F
Normal: 75.3 F
Departure from Normal: -1.0 F

Number of Days with the high temperature of 90F or higher:
August 2012:  15 days
Normal: 12 days

Record low temperature tied on August 16, 2012: 49 F, first set in 1897
Record low temperature on August 17, 2012: 44 F, Old record was 46 F set in 1943
Record low temperature on August 18, 2012: 45 F, Old record was 47 F set in 1943

Total precipitation:
August 2012: 0.30 (2nd driest on record, 126 years of data))
Normal: 3.48
Departure from normal:  -3.18

July 1 – August 31, 2012 precipitation:
July combined with August 2012:  0.63 inches  ( driest on record with 126 years of data).
The red line is the normal high and the blue line is the normal low. The top of each vertical bar is the high for the day and the bottom of each vertical bar is the low for the day.
All data in this graph are from the National Weather Service and HPRCC data archives.

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