Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Lincoln, NE: 100F or Higher Temperatures, Summer 2012

The attached map shows the total number of days 100F or higher for the U.S. this year (through August 31). 

Lincoln, NE, hit 102F yesterday, Sept. 4. This was the 17th day this year of 100F or higher temps for Lincoln and the 11th greatest number of these occurrences (126 years of data).  The drought was a huge contributing factor to the large number of days with temperatures 100F or higher this summer.  Dry air can heat faster during the day and less energy is used at the surface to evaporate water also allowing temperatures to soar higher than normal.

The Years with the Most Number of Days
100F or Higher in Lincoln, NE (1887-2012):

1936  41 days
1934  39 days
1913  29 days
1901  25 days
1947  22 days
1974  20 days
1935  19 days
1940  19 days
1988  18 days
1980  18 days
2012  17 days

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