Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Lincoln Heat Wave Update July 24, 2012

As of July 24, 2012:

Map of Maximum temperatures in degrees F for July 24, 2012

Lincoln has hit 90F or higher 43 times:
March 1 time; April 3 times; May 7 times; June  12 times; July 20 times).
The annual total average is 41 days
Lincoln has hit 100F or higher 10 times (once in June, 9 times in July)
The annual average total (1981-2010 normals) is 4.6 or 5 days.
The longest streak of daily highs 90F in 2012 is 13 days (July 12-24)
Longest streak in the climate record (1887-2012) is 38 days in 1934 
For more information about Lincoln Heat Waves:
LINK: Lincoln's Heat Wave Climatology
LINK: Table: Lincoln's total number of days 90F or higher monthly and yearly 1887 to present
LINK: Longest Streaks of 90F or Higher Temperature
LINK: Months With the Most Number of days with 90F or Higher Temperatures
LINK: Lincoln's Climatology of 100F or Higher temperatures

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