Thursday, May 24, 2012

May 23, 2012 Record Heat in Lincoln, NE

May 23, 2012: Record High of 94 F in Lincoln, NE

A record high of 94 F was observed yesterday in Lincoln, NE.  This was the 9th day this year with highs 90 F or higher in Lincoln, NE.  This ties 1934 for the most number of 90 degree days by May 23 (with 126 years of data).

A significant cool-down is expected today (Thursday May 24) and tomorrow (Friday, May 25), then two more hot days on Saturday (mid 90's) and Sunday (near 90F) then cooler again to end the month of May 2012.  Lincoln residents were not so lucky in May 1934.  High temperaturess for the last days of the month exceeded 90 F and 100 F

Lincoln, NE, High Temperatures, May 1934
May 28, 1934:    93 F
May 29, 1934:  102 F
May 30, 1934:  104 F
May 31, 1934:  103 F

Mid summer heat wave temperatures spread across the Great Plains yesterday, May 23, 2012.  The state-wide high temperatures for May 23, 2012 were: 107 F, Dryden, TX; 103 F, Guymon, OK; 102 F, Roswell, NM; 100 F, Dodge City, KS; 96 F, Hebron, NE; and, 94 F, Cherokee, IA. 

The attached map shows yesterday's (May 23, 2012) high temperatures. Note the 111 F south of the TX/Mexico border.

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