Thursday, April 26, 2012

Early 2012 Spring 90 Degree Weather in Lincoln, NE

April 25, 2012 marked the 3rd day this April that temperatures reached or exceeded 90 F in Lincoln, Nebraska. 

This has been an unusually warm year so far with some days having temperatures more typical of Summer in Lincoln, NE. 

March 2012:
March 2012 was the warmest March on record (data 1887-2012).
March 2012 in Lincoln, NE had a high temperature of 91 F, which tied the record for warmest ever observed temperature in the month of March. 
There have only been 4 other years that the temperatures reached 90F or higher in Lincoln (1895, 1907,  & 1910) and all with only 1 day reaching this mark.

April 2012:
April 2012 in Lincoln has seen 3 days with temperatures reaching or exceeding 90 F.
Only two other Aprils have seen 3 or more days of 90 degree weather (1987 with 3 days and 1989 with 6 days)

March - April 2012:
The March-April 2012 total of 4 days with temperatures reaching or exceeding 90 F in Lincoln is only exceeded by the total March-April 1989 total of 6 days.

Keep track of the "heat wave" temperatures in Lincoln during the year at this link:

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