Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Can You Find the Cold & Warm Fronts?

March 26, 2012: Fronts and Temperatures.
The two maps to the left show the frontal systems yesterday afternoon across the lower 48 states along with the high temperatures for the day. It is a perfect example of frontal systems and the associated air masses (and temperatures) on either side of the fronts. Note the area of red color with temperatures into the 80's F ahead of the cold front extending from western Nebraska down to New Mexico. This area of red with 80 F temperatures also stretches across the southeastern U.S. and is south of an advancing cold front. What a dramatic temperature difference on the other side of this frontal system with high temperatures only in the 30's F and 40's F and 50's F across the upper Midwest, Great Lakes and New England Region. High temperatures in the Pacific Northwest were also much cooler and are generally in the 40's and 50's F.

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