Thursday, February 2, 2012

U.S. Climate Records in 2011

U.S. Climate Records in 2011

The attached map shows the annual records broken or tied at selected stations for the year 2011, representing the warmest, wettest, coolest or driest calendar years on record for the location. This list was compiled from National Weather Service "Record Event Reports", and from cooperative observer locations with at least 60 valid years on record. This list should be considered preliminary and incomplete; December data from paper-based recording stations (about one-third of the reporting network) has not been fully processed, and final quality assurance has not been performed on the 2011 data. When the data are complete, the final number of stations with new annual records will likely be slightly larger.

2011 Wettest Year on Record:
Some of the precipitation records were shattered by a large amount. For example:

Bear Gap, PA 2011 precipitation 89.07 inches (old record was 59.35inches)
Harrisburg, PA 73.73 inches (old record was 54.63 inches)

2011 Driest Year on Record:

Some of the record dry amounts were also very impressive. For example:
Hobbs, NM 1.85 inches for the entire year! (old record was 4.69 inches)
Alpine, TX 3.17 inches (old record was 7.72 inches)
Seminole, TX 3.72 inches (old record was 5.61 inches)

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