Wednesday, February 29, 2012

First Ever February Nebraska Tornado

Historic February Tornado in Nebraska

A First Ever Occurrence
On February 28, 2012 a tornado was observed
and photo documented in western Nebraska. This was the first observed and documented tornado during the month of February for any year since records began in 1950.

Can a tornado occur in Winter in Nebraska?
Yes. It's not impossible to have tornadoes in Nebraska during the Winter months, it is just that it is very rare. Since 1950, there have been 3 tornadoes in November, 2 tornadoes in December and 6 tornadoes in January. In each of those winter months, the right combination of weather variables had to come together for tornadoes to occur.

Prior to February 28, 2012, the total number of
observed tornadoes for each month for the 1950-2011 time period (61 years ) was
as follows:
January : 6 tornadoes
February: 0 tornadoes
March: 58 tornadoes
April: 218 tornadoes
May: 733 tornadoes
June: 917 tornadoes
July: 358 tornadoes
August: 165 tornadoes
September: 57 tornadoes
October: 75 tornadoes
November: 3 tornadoes
December: 2 tornadoes

The total of all months, 1950 through 2011 was 2,593 tornadoes.

More information on
the monthly totals of tornadoes in Nebraska can be found at:

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