Thursday, January 19, 2012

Global Temperature Anomalies December 2011

Global Highlights (from NOAA/NCDC)

The combined global land and ocean average surface temperature for December 2011 was 0.48°C (0.86°F) above the 20th century average of 12.2°C (54.0°F). This tied with 1987 and 2004 as the 10th warmest December on record.

The global land surface temperature for December 2011 was 0.88°C (1.58°F) above the 20th century average of 3.7°C (38.7°F). This tied with 1979 as the eighth warmest December on record.

The worldwide ocean surface temperature for December 2011 tied with 1972 as the 16th warmest December on record, 0.32°C (0.58°F) above the 20th century average of 15.7°C (60.4°F).

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Year 2011 Statewide Temperature Rankings

Year 2011 Statewide Temperature Rankings:

It was a year of huge contrasts in temperature anomalies.

Hot Hot Hot:
Until December 2011, Texas was having its hottest year on record (117 years of data). With a colder than normal December 2011, Texas at the end of the year had an average temperature that was the 2nd warmest on record. Nearby Oklahoma and Louisiana had a top ten warmer than normal year. The Northeast U.S. had an exceptionally warm year in 2011 as well with the following states all experiencing their top ten hottest years: NC, VA, WV, MD, DE, OH, PA, NJ, NY, VT, NH, CT, MA, RI, ME.

Cold Cold Cold:
Only two of the lower 48 states averaged below normal in 2011. Washington State had its 17th coldest year on record and Oregon had its 29th coldest year on record.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Year 2011 Statewide Precipitation Rankings

Year 2011 Statewide Precipitation Rankings:
It was a year of huge contrasts in precipitation anomalies. With 117 years of data, Texas had it's driest year on record and 7 states had their wettest year on record (IN, KY, OH, PA, NJ, NY, CT). It was a year of extremes in both temperature and precipitation.

Ironically, The U.S. as a whole had an average precipitation ranking near the median of the historical distribution.

However, 2011 won't be remembered for having a U.S. average precipitation that was near normal, it will be remembered instead for the huge contrasts between the Southwestern U.S. and the Northeastern U.S.

December 2011 U.S. Statewide Precipitation Rankings

December 2011 Statewide Precipitation Rankings are now available.

Just as it was with the December 2011 statewide temperatures, precipitation also had huge contrasts across the lower 48 states.

Dry, Very Dry:
California, Nevada, Washington and Oregon had their 2nd driest (out of 117 years of data) December total precipitation.

Wet, Very Wet:
New Mexico, Kansas, Arkansas and Ohio all had a top ten wettest December on record. In stark contrast to the driest Summers on record for the southwestern U.S, Arizona to Texas were all well above normal for December 2011 precipitation.

U.S. December 2011 Climate Summary

December 2011 Statewide Temperature Rankings

December statewide data are now available. What a contrast across the lower 48 states.

Colder than normal: Pacific Northwest down to Texas. New Mexico was the 4th coldest on record (117 years of data)

Warmer than normal: Top ten warmest on record for ND, MN, MI, OH, VA, MD, DE, PA, NJ, NY, CT, RI, MA, VT. NH, ME. DE and RI were 2nd warmest on record, and, MA, CT, and NJ were 3rd warmest on record.

After suffering through the hottest Summer on record it was interesting to see Texas colder than normal in December.

Alaska (not shown the map) had its 3rd warmest December on record.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Winter 2011-12 Snow Cover

Snow Cover January 6, 2012 vs January 6, 2010.
The current winter stands in stark contrast to the winter of two years ago. As of yesterday afternoon, January 6, 2012, only 14.3% of the lower 48 states were snow covered. Two years ago, January 6, 2010, 56.0% of the lower 48 states were snow covered. This unusual lack of snow cover on the Great Plains has allowed temperatures to soar to record levels lately. Snow reflects much of the incoming solar radiation and a snow free darker surface absorbs much more of the solar radiation allowing surface temperatures to be much warmer.

Snow Cover January 6
(lower 48 states)
2012 14.3%
2011 44.9%
2010 56.0%
2009 41.8%
2008 34.6%
2007 27.7%
2006 26.6%
2005 54.6%
2004 40.3%

Friday, January 6, 2012

January 5, 2011 Record Heat

Record breaking warmth yesterday:
The map shows the high temperatures for January 5, 2012.
Note the unusual warmth all the way up the Plains into Canada.

Nebraska Record Highs January 5, 2012:
with old record and the year set. All temperatures = deg. F .
Alliance 67 (66, 1927);
Broken Bow 67 (67 tied 1989);
Chadron 63 (59, 2001);
Grand Island 68 (61, 1956);
Hastings 67 (61, 1956);
Imperial 73 (70, 1927);
Kearney 69 (66, 1956);
Lincoln 68 (61, 1956);
Norfolk 70 (55, 1956);
North Platte 69 (67, 1935, 1927);
Omaha Eppley 66 (62, 1956);
Sidney 74 (64, 1956);
Valentine 69 (65, 1930)

Amazing statistics:
Lincoln's record high of 68 F yesterday was 88 degrees above the record low for the date of -20 F.

The high for the day of 68 F was 33 degrees above the normal high of 35 F. The normal high in July is 89 F. If it was 33 degrees above normal in July it would be 122 F.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Lincoln December 2011 Climate Summary

Lincoln, NE, December 2011 Climate Summary.

The attached graph shows the daily December normal highs (red line) and normal lows (blue line). The top of each vertical black bar is the observed high temperature for the day and the bottom of each vertical bar is the observed low temperature for the day.

December 2011Lincoln, NE, Climate Statistics:

Highest temperature 57F on December 28 and 29
Lowest temperature -3 F on December 6
Average December 2011 low temperature = 40.5 F (3.3 deg. above normal)
Average December 2011 high temperature = 17.9 F (1.5 deg. above normal)
Average December 2011 temperature (highs and lows combined) = 29.2 F (2.4 deg. above normal)
Ranking: 57th warmest out of 125 years of data.
Precipitation total = 1.58 inches (0.63 inches above normal)
Snowfall total = 4.9 inches (1.0 inches above normal)

Wettest December 4.03 inches in 1913
Driest December 0.00 inches in 1889

Snowiest December 24.3 inches in 2009