Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Record "High Low" for Lincoln, NE, May 9, 2011

Everyone is familiar with a location having a Record High or a Record Low temperature for a given day. It is interesting when we experience these extremes and the media is quick to report the fact when we have the warmest ever recorded high temperature or coldest ever recorded low temperature for a calendar day.

For example, Lincoln Nebraska’s record high temperature for a May 9, is 97 F which occurred in 1895. And their record low temperature for May 9, is 30 F set in 1947.

However, there are also two other daily records. There is the warmest ever recorded daily minimum or low temperature, also known as a Record “High Low" temperature and there is also the coldest ever daytime high temperature, also known as a Record “Low High”.

For example, Lincoln Nebraska’s record coldest high temperature for the calendar day, May 9, is 41 F set in 1924. That is, of all the recorded May 9 high temperatures, from 1887 to 2011, the coldest daytime high ever experienced was a chilly 41 F.

Lincoln set a new record warmest low temperature (Record High Low) on May 9, 2011 when the coldest temperature observed during the entire calendar day was a balmy 69 F. The previous warmest low temperature for the date (May 9) was 68 F set way back in 1895.

In summary there are in fact 4 daily records for temperature and they are:

Record High Temperatures
Record Low Temperature
Record High Low Temperatures
Record Low High Temperatures

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