Saturday, February 19, 2011

Its Called "Global"..not "Nebraska"..Warming

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Year 2010 was tied for the Warmest on Record for the Globe with 131 years of data.

A colder than normal day, or a colder than normal week, or a colder than normal month, or a colder than normal season or a colder than normal year in your location, your state or your region does not negate the fact that the Earth is warming.

Weather is different than climate. Weather exhibits the day to day variation and climate looks at all of the variation in an attempt to determine the long term trend. When we consider the entire globe, there will appear to be contrary evidence with regions not exhibiting the trend that exists for the majority of the Earth.

A good analogy would be the stock market. Obviously the trend will stand out, yet there are numerous ups and downs in that trend. And, your particular stocks might be losing ground while the trend still exhibits an upward trend. And conversely when the stock market exhibits a downward trend, there are always a few individuals who are going against the trend and their stock portfolio is rising in value.

Bottom line: It’s called “Global Warming” and refers to the average of the entire globe over a period of time. There will always be some exceptions for some areas of the globe, but as long as the majority of the earth is warming, then the trend is called “Global Warming”. Looking at the monthly global anomaly maps or the U.S. statewide rankings, included here, clearly exhibits the fact that there were regions of the Earth and states in 2010 that “bucked the trend” and did not exhibit warming. However, the overall global average temperature at the end of 2010 was still tied as warmest on record.

The phrase “Its Called Global Warming, not Nebraska Warming” is a reminder that it can be cooler than normal or merely near normal in Nebraska during some months and even for the entire year, but that does not mean “Global warming “ is over or does not exist. That is, what is happening in Nebraska may not represent the global average.

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