Friday, February 25, 2011

February 20-21, 2011 Snowstorm

Weekend Midwest Snow Totals Ending 7am 2/21/11
A powerful spring storm brought a wide range of conditions to the region and much warmer temperatures to the Midlands. Highs Sunday ranged from the single digits in the northwest Nebraska Panhandle to the 72 degrees at Falls City! Thundershowers moved through parts of eastern Nebraska and western Iowa...with freezing rain farther north. At 1:48pm Sunday afternoon, Verdel in Knox County reported up to a quarter of an inch of ice. Farther to the north, a swath of heavy snow stretched across South Dakota into Minnesota into Iowa. For more ice, sleet, snow, and blizzard storm reports check out the following link:,FSD,OAX,LBF,MKX,MPX,ARX/201102190600/201102211800/0100 .

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