Monday, December 13, 2010

Lincoln's First Snowfall of the Season 1948-2010

Headline: December 11, 2010, Snowfall for Lincoln, NE, Was The 9th Latest "First Snowfall of the Snowfall Season" On Record.

The first official snowfall of the 2010-11 snowfall season in Lincoln, NE, occurred on December 11, 2010. Although snow had fallen in southeastern portions of Lincoln as early as November 13, 2010, no snowfall was observed at the "official" Lincoln NWS site in far northwest Lincoln on that date.

We have monthly snowfall totals for Lincoln going back to 1900 but we only have daily data extending back to 1948.

The earliest "First Snowfall" of record was on September 29, 1985 and the latest "First Snowfall" was on December 31, 2006.
The first snowfall of the 2010-11 snowfall season was the 9th latest out of 63 years of data (1948-2010). Ironically, last year, the "First Snowfall" on October 10, 2009, was the 3rd earliest on record.

The attached graph shows the dates of the first snowfalls for each snowfall season from 1948 through 2010.
Additional data and information:

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