Tuesday, November 23, 2010

White Thanksgiving

I'm dreaming of a White Thanksgiving. Ok, so that's not how the Irving Berlin song goes, but there have been White Thanksgivings in Lincoln. Since 1970, this has happened five times, but the last was in 1993.

*Note: To be considered a White Thanksgiving, there had to be one inch or more of snow on the ground at the time of observation. Thus, a trace of snow does not count. If you count a trace of snow, then the last one was in 2007.

The next question that you may be asking is "Well if we have a White Thanksgiving, then we'll be guaranteed to have a White Christmas right?" Not so much. In fact, the last time Lincoln technically had BOTH a White Thanksgiving and a White Christmas was in 1952. But the average high in this area of the country in late November is still over 40, so it is unusual for a pre-Thanksgiving snow to hang around for more than 4-5 days. But barring a major surprise, the streak of not having both a White Thanksgiving and a White Christmas will continue at least another year.

The Thanksgiving holiday can be quite cold in Lincoln. Those of you who shivered through the OU-NU game in 1993 may well remember a game time temperature in the low 20's. But the coldest Thanksgiving in recent times was in 1985 when a chilly high of 15 was in the middle of an impressive early season cold snap. How impressive was it? Consider that from November 19-December 3 of 1985, the average temperature in Lincoln was 14 and almost every single day featured single digit minimum temperatures. On the other hand, 60 degree weather around Thanksgiving can occur and one only has to go back to last year to find that (it was 67 the day after Thanksgiving last year).

In case you're curious, Lincoln has had a White Christmas approximately 37% of the time in the last 40 years and a White Valentine's Day almost 50% of the time.

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