Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Warmest Summer in Greenland Since Records Began in 1873

Warmest Summer in Greenland

Since Records Began in 1873.

Map: Difference (days) in summer 2010 melt duration compared to the 1979-2007 average. Credit: NOAA Arctic Report Card.

From Andrew Freedman: "According to the report card, last summer was Greenland’s warmest since instrumental records began. Collectively, marine-terminating glaciers lost an area of 419 square kilometers, which is 3.4 times the loss rate seen during each of the previous eight years".

“There is now clear evidence that the ice area loss rate of the past decade is greater than loss rates pre-2000,” the report card states. The report also notes an expansion of the area and duration of Greenland ice melt during 2010, compared to past years".

“What happened in Greenland really was exceptional in the observational record.”

See the interactive feature “Envisioning Ice Loss” as well as field reports and graphics of climate change in the far north.

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