Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Record Low Pressure: October 26, 2010

Satellite Image and Surface maps of the strong low pressure system that created
all of the high winds on October 26, 2010.

New record set today for the lowest pressure in a non-tropical storm in the mainland U.S. The massive storm system barreling across the central U.S. had a minimum central pressure of 28.24" or 956 mb (equivalent to the minimum pressure of a Category 3 hurricane). This breaks the old record of 28.28" (958 mb), set on Jan. 26, 1978, during the Blizzard of 1978 (aka the Cleveland Sueprbomb). This is also lower than the March 1993 Superstrom (aka "The Storm of the Century"), or the "Witch of November" storm that sank the Edmund Fitzgerald in 1975, or even the Columbus Day Storm of Oct. 1962.Read the latest summary of the storm—including reports of peak wind gusts—from the NWS Hydrometeorological Prediction Center:

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