Thursday, September 2, 2010

Summer 2010: Top Ten Wettest for Lincoln

Lincoln Nebraska Summer 2010 Precipitation.

Summer 2010: June 1 - August 31 (see below for why we use these dates)

The precipitation total for Lincoln, NE in Summer 2010 was 18.54 inches and this was the 6th wettest summer on record for Lincoln with 124 years of data going back to 1887.

With 2.53 inches of precipitation falling in Lincoln on September 1, the total for the June 1-September 1, 2010 time period was 21.07 inches and was the 4th wettest for that time period.

The attached map shows that Lincoln and much of eastern Nebraska was in a region of excessive precipitation during the Summer of 2010.

Why do we use June 1-August 31 as "Summer"?

Climatologists and meteorologists define Summer as June 1-August 31 and not the commonly used astronomical definition of June 21 to September 21. In fact the beginning and ending dates of Summer using the astronomical method varies from year to year with Summer starting as early as June 20 and as late as June 23. This makes it difficult to compare one summer to the next so we use the June 1 to August 31 dates for the beginning and end of summer.

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