Monday, September 13, 2010

Lincoln, NE: Last 90F Temperature of 2010?

Sunday, September 12 saw the temperature soar to 92 F in Lincoln, NE.
This was only 4 degrees below the record high for the date of 96 F.

Although this may seem late in the season to have a temperature of 90F or higher, it is in fact near the normal date for the last 90F or higher in Lincoln. The average last 90 F in Lincoln is September 18.

The latest 90F or higher temperature in Lincoln occurred on October 20, 1947.

So, the odds are this was probably not our last 90 F or higher temperature for the year.

Finally, how does our total so far of temperatures reaching or exceeding 90 F compare to normal? As of September 12, 2010, Lincoln has experienced 41 days with temperatures reaching 90 F or higher. The normal is 42 days, so this year with 41 days is almost exactly normal at this point.

The year with the most number of days 90 F or higher? 1936 with 82 days!
The year with the least number of days 90 F or higher? 1889 with only 7 days!

For more information about Lincoln's heat waves and hot temperatures check out:

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