Sunday, August 22, 2010

Summer 2010 Heat Wave Update for Lincoln, NE

Sunday August 22, 2010 was our 33rd day with 90 F or higher in Lincoln this summer.
Normal for a Lincoln summer is 42 days.
Back in 1936 (without air conditioning) Lincoln had 83 days with 90 F or higher and 41 days with temperatures 100 F or higher.
We have only hit 100 F or higher once this summer. So as they say, "it could be a lot worse"!

The hottest day ever recorded in Lincoln, NE was July 25, 1936
The High for the day was 115 F, and the Low for the day was 91 F.
The Average temperature for the day was 103F !

With an overnight low of only 91 F, after a daytime high of 115 F, residents of Lincoln spent the night of July 25, 1936 on the capitol lawn to escape the heat inside their non-air conditioned dwellings. (Photo courtesy: Nebraska Historical Society).
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