Friday, August 13, 2010

Lincoln, NE, Hits 100 F on August 12, 2010

Lincoln, NE, hit 100 F on August 12, 2010.

The climatology of Lincoln, NE, temperatures of 100F or higher:

124 years of data (1887-2010)

Normal # of days 100F or higher: 5 days

Most # of days 100F or higher: 41 days in 1936

Total # of years with no 100F or higher temperatures:24 years (19% of the years)

Month with the most 100F or higher temperatures: July (50% of all occurrences)
Highest 100F or higher temperature: 115F, July 25, 1936
Longest stretch of 100F or higher temperatures: July 11-15, 1934 (15 days)

Earliest 100F or higher temperature: May 24, 1967

Latest 100F or higher temperature: September 28, 1953

Lincoln Heat Wave Internet Site:

Lincoln 100 F Climatology Internet Site:

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  1. The airport hits 100 with far greater frequency than other sites in the area. For example, the AWDN site on the east side of town has not topped 100 degrees since August 1, 2006. The high yesterday was 99, which is close, but not quite there.

    The Mead AWDN site has been over 100 degrees 48 times since its inception in 1981 and had a high of "only" 95 yesterday. This site has also gone over 4 years without hitting the triple digits and if you exclude 1983 and 1988, Mead has hit triple digits less times than there are years of observations.

    Another interesting tidbit, the average July temperature from 1981-2010 at Mead is over 2 degrees cooler than what will be reported as the average from Lincoln. The AWDN site in east Lincoln has averaged a degree or so cooler than the airport since that site's inception in 1992.


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