Thursday, July 8, 2010

June 2010 Statewide Temperature Ranks

June 2010 Temperatures Comapred to Normal.

From NCDC:
The nationally-averaged temperature for June was much warmer than normal. A deep layer of high pressure dominated much of the eastern United States during the month. The southerly influx of warm air contributed to record high temperatures in many cities.
The Southeast, South and Central regions experienced their second, fifth and seventh warmest June on record, respectively. Only the Northwest had an average temperature below normal for the month.
Record-warm June temperatures were observed in Delaware, New Jersey and North Carolina (tied), where each had average temperatures 5 to 6 degrees F above the long-term mean. Many other states ranked in their top ten based on 116 years of data. Only Oregon and Washington had below normal monthly average temperatures for the month.

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