Sunday, July 4, 2010

July 4, 2010 Rainfall in Lincoln, Nebraska

Its the 4th of July and it rained most of the day in eastern Nebraska. How often has it rained on July 4th in Lincoln, NE?

It has rained on July 4th only 32 times out of the last 124 years (1887-2010) or 26% of the time.

Prior to today, there has been an inch or more of rain on July 4th only 3 times since 1887.
The most rainfall on July 4th was 2.44 inches on July 4, 1909,
the 2nd most was 1.25 inches on July 4, 1939, and,
the 3rd most was 1.23 inches on July 4 1891.

Lincoln received 1.71 inches of rain this year, making this year the 2nd wettest July 4th on record going back to 1887.

The photo shows a flooded bike trail near Capitol Parkway in Lincoln. For more photos check out:

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