Sunday, June 13, 2010

May 2010 Statewide Temperature Ranks

From NCDC State of The Climate:
National Overview:
Temperature Highlights - May
During May cooler-than-normal temperatures in the western U.S. were counterbalanced by warmer-than-normal temperatures in the east, creating a national temperature near the long-term average.
Regionally, a persistent pattern with a high-pressure ridge (associated with warmer conditions) in the east and a western trough (cooler conditions) was especially evident. The Northeast and Southeast Climate regions each had their tenth warmest May on record, while the Northwest and West had their fifth and tenth coolest May, respectively.
On the state-to-state level, Idaho had its second coolest May on record, while it was Montana's fourth coolest, Wyoming's and Oregon's seventh coolest, Utah's eighth, California's ninth, and Nevada's tenth coolest such period.
Rhode Island observed its second warmest May on record and Florida tied for its second warmest. Other states much warmer than normal during May included: Louisiana (4th warmest), Massachusetts (5th warmest), Connecticut (6th warmest), New Hampshire (7th warmest), Mississippi and New York (each 8th warmest), and New Jersey (9th warmest).

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